Videographic Cross-Media Project: Friedrichstadt – what do you do? (Students Work)

Friedrichstadt is a small northern city with 2500 inhabitants and at the same time it is an utopian dream of the 17th century. In the context of the „Zukunftsstadt [Future-City]“ competition of the german „Ministry of Education and Research“ the city applied successful in the first round. UD of the HCU-Hamburg accompanies the second round […]

Algorithmic meditations on: Michel de Certeau

Reading Michel de Certeau i tried to visualize some of his philosophical thoughts on space and place. Applying a simple swarm algorithm and visualizing the agents (white), the relations (pink) and the motivations or steering vectors (red) in processing. „Zum Beginn unterscheide ich zwischen Raum und Ort, um den Untersuchungsbereich einzugrenzen. Ein Ort ist eine […]

Video Seminar: Urban Cut-Up

2010 Teaching Assignment «Urban Cut-Up» spacial production of videography, HCU Urban Design Master, with Bernd Kniess Handlungsweisen, Raum und Zeit. Film ist nicht nur in der Lage Abbildungen festzuhalten. Film konstruiert aus diesen Fragmenten eine andere Wirklichkeit. Die subjektiv wahrgenommenen Erscheinungen von Raum, Zeit und Handlungsweisen reproduziert Film erst durch die Montage, den Schnitt. Hinter dem […]

Conference Paper: Working Worlds – Exploring Wilhelmsburg. A performative videographic approach.

PAPER PRESENTED AT RC21 ISA CONFERENCE 2013 BERLIN SESSION 12, “INNOVATIVE QUALITATIVE METHODS IN URBAN RESEARCH” European worlds of work and labour experience ongoing change at the pace of a time-laps movie.Compared to the digital worlds of today, yesterday’s snapshots of research on this subject seem like historical paintings. Unnoticed by a politics favouring the […]

Research Project: Hotel?Wilhelmsburg – the question of dwelling practices

The „Neighborhood’s University“ project of the Urban Design department of the HCU-Hamburg has done research in terms of practical aspects, like education, low-budget architecture, local embedded economy, re- and up-cycling of material and social engagement in the neighborhood. The final phase of the project transforms the building once again: all uses, which have been established […]

Conference Paper: Towards a Landscape of Possilities

Towards a Landscape of Possilities – Zur experimentelle Heterotopie einer Großwohnsiedlung Mit der Arbeit „Towards a Landscape of Possibilities” entwickeln wir ein Gedankenexperiement auf der Grundannahme, dass die Prozesse des Un-Geplanten unvermeidbarer Bestandteil einer urbanen Realität sind, und sie Teil der kritischen (Planungs)Praxis wer- den müssen, wenn das Motiv eine Stadtentwicklung ist, welche die Möglichkeiten […]

Lectures and paper-presentations

2016 IBA-Heidelberg, URBAN OFFICE Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung in der Wissensgesellschaft. Heidelberg Center for American Studies: „Tom Paints the Fence. Re-negotiating Urban Design“ (Keynote Lecture with Bernd Kniess, Christopher Dell, Tabea Michaelis) 2015 HCU-Hamburg, „Zukunftsstudio – Stadt als Campus“ hosted by Sally Below and Martin Kohler: „Neighbourhood and University?“ (Talk with Bernd Kniess) 2014 University of Sheffield, 2nd International Conference of the association […]

Workshop Documentation: Made in … Local Practices of urban Production

The international workshop was conceived and organized by Tabea Michaelis, Imke Plinta and Ben Pohl in 2011 as a collaboration between Urban Design HCU-Hamburg chair of Bernd Kniess and CivicDesign ZHdK chair of Ruedi Baur. In a 10 days intensive week, 35 young international researchers (Master and PhD) inhabited the building of the „Neighborhoods University […]