Film: Prussian Gangstar

In an intense process of more than a year, we started to work in a dialogic process with the three youths in small-town Brandenburg.

„Prussian Gangstar“ is a slice of life view. The idyllic setting and the modest prosperity of the community mask the problems with which the young people have to contend. The difficulties seem routine enough. Nonetheless, an unfathomable void develops between their youthful values and those of their parents. Only their friendship gives them a degree of security. Together they are the „Prussian Gangstars“. The movie crosses not only the border between fiction and documentary, but also between authorship and the production of a collective oeuvre.


Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award 2007: Best Picture
Achtung Berlin 2007: Best Picture
Augenweide Kiel 2007: Best Picture
Max Ophüls Preis 2007: Best Score
Locarno 2007/ Ici et Ailleurs
Montreal 2007
Berlinale 2008 / German Cinema

Production: Fortuna Film
Dir.: Irma-Kinga Stelmach/Bartosz Werner
DP: Andreas Bergmann/Ben Pohl