Friedrichstadt is a small northern city with 2500 inhabitants and at the same time it is an utopian dream of the 17th century. In the context of the „Zukunftsstadt [Future-City]“ competition of the german „Ministry of Education and Research“ the city applied successful in the first round. UD of the HCU-Hamburg accompanies the second round as a scientific partner.

But: what are the future potentials of Friedrichstadt?

Based on the assumption that the urban, a city or its possible futures are (re)assembled by practices of a variety of different actors on a daily basis, we ask the question: What, how, when, where and who assembles or makes Friedrichstadt? As an initial step we follow the practices of human, as well as non-human actors in a videographic urban research seminar. The resulting seven short videos and the web based cross-media narration are the outcome of an intense week within the small northern german city of Friedrichstadt in May 2016. With the seminar we employed videographic interventions as a means of communication, to come up with shared meanings and mutual trust between the people of Friedrichstadt and the young researchers from more than eight different countries and all continents. The external views of the researchers, the screening, the discussion and festivities at the end of the week opened up a space that enabled new questions and topics to arise between all involved actors.